• Company Profile

       The PRESIDENT INTER PHARMA CO., LTD. was established by Wholesalers group. Her ambition is to improve the clients’ quality life. Therefore,
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  • Quality Assurance

    The PRESIDENT INTER PHARMA CO., LTD emphasizes the quality in all processes of production 
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Social Activities

1. We established “White Factory project” to provide knowledge for the staff about drug abuse and protection. It is not only reduction of addicted staff in the company, but also their families and community. The staff will be healthy and have a good quality of life.    

2. We set up the committee to respond about safety and hygiene of staff in the factory to ensure that our staffs will be in  a good environment and safety while working.

3. We provide the waste disposal system by using microbial ( sequencing batch reactor ) and zero discharge system. All wastes such as dusts and water from production process will be treated by the system, and then the water will be reused to water the garden. It will not be drained to the public.

4. Charity and Donation
We donated for the education Triam Udomsaksa Nomkaow Nontaburi School.  We donated for the building and medical devices at Chulalongkorn Hospital.
We donated the gift for Srisangwan School which is a part of disabled foundation.